Saturday Night Fever

Such a Saturday night that you will not even think about staying home

Thursday 8th of August 2019

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Summer in the calendar. Summer in the air. Summer in the head. Summer underfoot. Logically, the Leto (Summer) boat-based club is a place like made for having a good time on the 2nd August Saturday. A perfect night programme with a focus on exotic chic is the perfect way to welcome the morning in the best mood. Ignore the line up. Every DJ that performs is a well-known name of the local, regional, and often worldwide electronic scene. Make sure you prepare well for the water spectacle with a perfect view of Kalemegdan.

There is never enough of enjoying on the river. Especially when the rhythm of the city and the rhythm of the dance floor merge. DJ Marko Gangbanger has a refined sense of matching. Just the right combination that your hips will welcome with a big yes. Modern, retro, classic. His sound is totally iconic. Shlep boat-based club is a place where only disco rules will apply on Saturday night, 10th August. At the address for laughter and dancing until the morning, music is turned up around 22:00. Forget about nice but impractical footwear. The hits will not allow you take a break even for a second.

OK, it is summer, but it is not all about the boat-based clubs. There are also a lot of things going on in the hot streets. The current season brought something completely new. That something is a club called Half. Maybe the interior is in half. Although not. Maybe the location is halfway to your home. Perhaps, for those with high standards, the drink offer is halfway decent. Most importantly - music is absolutely complete. And superb. Pure club. No flirting with this or that. Only powerful groove is listened to here.

A local place for global clubbers will be hosting party to remember on Saturday, 10th August. Raw techno and nothing else is on the programme. From 23:00 until 10:00, music will be played by Mihajlo, Aleksandar Ivkovic, Filip Xavi and brAk. Come to have a good time like you deserve.