Parties at boat-based clubs on Friday

Where to go out to on Friday

Tuesday 7th of August 2018

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There are few places that celebrate a new weekend in a spectacular way. Belgrade has plenty of them. Given that the summer definitely decided to show off its most beautiful side, there will be parties at boat-based clubs on Friday, 10th August. More precisely, at two boat-based clubs. Both of their names start with letter L and have an unusually good programme for great night entertainment.

Lasta - Gradski splav (city boat-based club) is the first stop of top clubbing. Address most famous for matinee parties on Sundays has something to offer on Fridays. Really good time starts around midnight. It lasts as long as you have energy. If you get tired, look for help from a bartender. You will immediately get an "energy bomb" so you can continue to dance until the morning. It is very important to wait for the morning at the boat-based club. Only then the real madness begins. This is a very popular place in the city, so a more elegant look is desirable.

It is summer at Leto. And it has never been in better rhythm. Exotics at every millimeter of ambiance, positive energy and great crowds are what is guaranteed and what brings a very special kind of entertainment. Do not worry about music. Summer electro vibes are chosen only by the best DJs from the city electro scene. Do not rush, it is quite OK to show up around midnight. In order not to miss the fun at Leto, make a reservation in advance.