Three times boat-based clubs

Super parties on the river are on the programme. That is why the end of August means neither sadness nor boredom, but the opposite

Monday 26th of August 2019

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Last Friday in the leaving eighth month is not any kind of start of the weekend. Hey, it is a goodbye summer weekend! Good vibes bring a lot of happiness. Three boat-based clubs at Usce are places for a great time. Go for an adventure.

On 30th August, clubbing begins earlier. On the Hot Mess boat-based club much earlier. Already at 14:00, the music is turned up and the reason is the new edition of the "Pool day party". Think of a good excuse to get away from habits and go straight dancing in the middle of the day. Also, pack a swimsuit because, who knows, maybe the atmosphere takes you straight to the pool.

Traditionally, the 20/44 boat-based club have a great plan for entertaining. On Friday, 30th August from 23:00 to 06:00, all the attention goes to the address of a well-known DJ and producer. He is Schwabe. He is a city guy. The creator of the famous "Disco not Disco" party. His music is live. Coloured with calm tones. Often enriched with striking instruments. He prefers a slower rhythm because he does not like anything fast. Nebojsa Bogdanovic has long been in music. He has more than enough experience for the all night long performance that follows on Friday.

The Leto Belgrade boat-based club is a real attraction when there is a dilemma of where to go out. A typical summer place knows exactly what is required of nightlife. Top music and top quality drinks in an amazing interior are all you need for Friday night. At this place, the party starts at midnight.