The boat 20/44 has two levels. Inside under the deck, there is the interior that resembles the "trash" brothels from the 70s. The raft has been reconstructed and now has a personal charm that makes it unique.

Named after the Belgrade coordinates, 20/44 is an extremely special club regarding the music and atmosphere in Belgrade. The decor resembling the brothels of the 70s gives to the interior a special charm. Depending on which day you come here, you can expect to hear a diversity of music ranging from the Turkish disco sound, the American funk to the Bosnian folk. Whatever taste in music you have, you will end up welcoming the morning sun looking at the Brankov bridge in a popular rhythm.

When the sun comes up over Belgrade, it shines through the windows of the boat. Inside, the party will not stop. You will keep dancing in the sun to loud music on board on the Sava river.