Where to go for the weekend

We know where you will be dancing on the second weekend in September. You will soon find out. Quickly prepare your team for top clubbing

Wednesday 6th of September 2023

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The big party under the stars is scheduled for Friday, 8th September from 22:00. For the first time, in the courtyard of the Nebojsina kula museum, the Ritmik organization will hold a great party. The All Stars music team consists of Kristijan Molnar, Luton, Cosmic G and White City Soul. Indie, disco, funk, house and other genres directed by local DJs will be enriched with a unique live art performance by the artist Svetlana Ninkovic, who will depict her musical experience on the spot. Music and art, hand in hand for an impressive time in a special place. Ritmik Opening should not be missed.

Club Half is another place you have to show up on Friday. From 19:00 to 01:00, Kukus and Bekfles live promise a gala time. After a break of more than four years, two first-class DJs share the stage again, and they have a special occasion to celebrate - the anniversary. Together with the audience, they will celebrate 10 years of work with great rhythm. Celebratory and powerful. Urban and playful. Well-known DJs will leave their hearts on the counter because Belgrade at night deserves nothing less. Tickets are limited and disappear at the speed of light. Do not let others have a better time than you on the eighth night of September.

To make Saturday just as awesome, find out which club in town has a program to your taste. You can't go wrong with a visit to the legendary boat-based club 20/44. Magical moments happen every evening under spontaneous direction. At every moment, a phenomenal beat echoes and makes everybody dance. This is a club that was written about by many world media. There are many reasons. In case you still haven't met the original clubbing culture of Belgrade, you have to show up this Saturday and experience the dawn on the river in 20/44 style.

If you are a fan of going out exclusively in the city center, Tranzit is the ideal destination. A round of music, a round of pretty faces, a round of drinks and so on all night long. Popular DJs together with numerous guests create history called Belgrade at night from weekend to weekend. It will be perfect next Saturday too, and if you show up, it will be impeccable.

Photo by: LedLighStationLedLighStation