Belgrade at night: weekend parties

Five, six, seven, eight! Raft clubs are the only place to groove at

Monday 19th of July 2021

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When in Rome do as the Romans do, so when it's summer we go to Leto. The boat-based club is in full summer style with an excellent party programme lasting until sunrise. Friday and Sunday are reserved for famous DJ names on their home turf. On arrival and make it after 23:00 you will come to understand why this is one of the more popular places for a night out. If you connect yourselves to the mega beat, you will be regulars on Saturday at the famous matinee party.

Friday 23rd of July is the right day to step into the galaxy of clubbing also known as Lasta. The first weekend day is celebrated at the party called Night Flight. Regardless of which DJ makes their guest appearance, top-notch music will launch you to the stars you can be sure of it. You deserve it, now go on shine the night on!

Saturday 24th of July has a very good plan for fun. Given that you are still in the game, being a clubber two nights in a row isn't very easy. The best posible vibes and a path straight to the legendary Freestyler. There will be a crowd, there always is. DJs Architect and Mike Ride thought up the Get Low project. Their craft works for both your hips and puts a wide smile on people's faces. The only thing that's on you is to find a place and dance until the morning comes.