Clubbing on Fridays

Summer entertainment will not last forever, so be sure to go out this Friday as well

Tuesday 13th of August 2019

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Kucica boat-based club is a zone where there is room only for the best mood. And those in love with the fantastic electro sound. Friday is always coming slowly, but it goes faster than ever. Since 16th August 2019 is coming only once, make it a great one. High voltage energy and the perfect beat are waiting for you at Kucica. Dance until morning!

The Drugstore club garden does not rest at all costs. It is always in the mood to host you but only on one condition. If you insist on techno music. On Friday, 16th August from 23:00 to 06:00, your mood will be dictated by a great DJ set.

Julianna arrives straight from Colombia. She promised to bring a touch of exotics. Not otherwise but through her own set. Nevena Jeremic and Nikola Vemic will introduce her into the club streams of Belgrade. Get your hips ready for a really good techno trio that will make time will fly.

Because of all that it has to offer, the Freestyler boat-based club cannot get bored. Many people in one place, moved by a modern rhythm, create great atmosphere. Popular r'n'b, rap, hip-hop, trap and twerk are on repertoire for Friday night. The "Get Low" party will rock the boat-based club from midnight to early morning. Have a good rest because a lot of energy is needed for a plan like this. Now or never, experience Freestyler style to the fullest.