June in Belgrade 2023

The premiere of the new summer, the traditional celebration of Vidovdan, special events and the city's favorite manifestations for the sixth month

Thursday 1st of June 2023

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Maybe the sea is not in sight, but there is a sea of events in the city. The summer vibe is called outdoor swimming pools Belgrade. With a little action, you will be riding a wave of good energy throughout the month. More than ever before, a smile is needed. Give it to yourself every morning and a cycle of much-needed changes begins. For everything else, the capital of Serbia has made sure that you have a really good time.

Swimming under the sun starts when the weather allows it. If summer decides to really come to town, the second half of June will be reserved for trying on swimsuits, packing towels and sunscreen. Nothing is better than a vacation in the city atmosphere. Do not despair if you do not have enviable figure. Only you can see the famous two extra kilos, take our word for it. Do yourself a favor and focus on the adventures that only pools provide.

Outdoor events are about to start. In addition to the famous city manifestations that make summer in the city meaningful and numerous reasons not to leave the scorching Belgrade streets, the program will also include impressive international events. Primarily musical because Belgrade is an unavoidable point of major world tours.

Legends under the name Scorpions perform in Stark Arena on 25th June at 20:00. It will be no different but more powerful than anything in the music industry. Decades of existence, an endless list of hits and a unique expression will ignite the audience in Belgrade. The replay will not be available soon, so get your tickets quickly and start revising your knowledge by listening to the tracks that marked this galaxy.

Plateau of Geozavod is the exact location where the River Fest will be held on 21st and 22nd June. The first evening is hosted by the diva Anna Netrebko, while the second evening is reserved for the lady Yasmin Levy and gentleman Yusif Eyvazov. Opera on the Waterfront creates an event you won't want to miss. Perfect nights on the river, flawless vocals, intense emotions and elegance in every sense for a unique romance.

Back to local specialties. A big jubilee and big changes will mark this year's edition of the beer and music festival. The 20th Belgrade Beer Fest 2023 is scheduled for the period from 15th to 18th June in Usce. Exactly 20 performers will play for the twentieth birthday. Van Gogh, Obojeni program, Partibrejkersi and many others sing and play. As always, the beer offer will be at an enviable level. Free up your calendar and show up for the jubilee gathering under the open sky.

At the very end of the month, on 28th June, Serbs celebrate Vidovdan. One of the most important dates in the country's history will be appropriately marked. A religious and national holiday means a lot to Serbia. Prince Lazar and the Battle of Kosovo, and later throughout history, so many things happened on this day. It is a working day, but you should find time to go to church.