Autumn 2021 in Belgrade

Autumn begins Sept. 22 at 9:21 p.m. About a hundred days until the New Year. Time goes by. Belgrade lives on. The great atmosphere in the city continues during the new season

Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

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Goodbye summer! We know everything good has to come to an end. The less you look back and the more you look ahead, the chances of a long-lasting smile on your face get better and better. It's not time for hiding from the winter... yet. In fact, by the time winter comes there will be many new things all around the city. Let's go over them one by one. And slowly.

What autumn brings to Belgrade is a question with many answers. For starters, great music. If the covid measures do not spoil our plans, of course, this will be real musical autumn in the metropolis. Larger musical gatherings of famous names, promotion of new bands and solo performers. You would not want to miss anything, especially not the gala concerts.

No later than Friday, September 25, from 21:00 in the Sava Center, the Zana group celebrates 40 years on stage. Four decades of fulfillment with romantic verses and real pop sound deserve a big round of applause. If you are also a fan of this group, quickly get a ticket to travel by dance to some older times.

Read carefully. November brings a spectacle. Mr. Andre Rieu arrives at the Stark Arena on November 10th. Virtuoso, conductor, waltz king. An unrivaled artist is a guest together with his entire family, more precisely all members of the Johann Strauss Orchestra.

Music celebrations yet again. Marking 40 years of work yet again. Home sound yet again. But some clean rock and roll! Elektricni Orgazam led by the cult personality of this city - Gile will celebrate their 40th anniversary at Kombank Arena on December the 9th. Yugoslavia no longer exists but rock'n'roll is still at its best. How is rock always so strong is always a question. That is proof that the notes that come from this music lab have no expiration date. Whoever knows that they have rock'n'roll following through their veins also know where they will be at the beginning of the last month in this year.

Belgrade would not be a metropolis if it did not offer everything for everyone. Organize your time, choose a date when you will be the center of attention, and get to know a city that never sleeps. All you need to do is visit the calendar of events regularly. Stay updated. And catch some rhythm that only the capital of Serbia has.