April in Belgrade 2023

There remains hope that the predicted snow is nothing more than an April Fools' joke. All other surprises are more than excellent

Monday 3rd of April 2023

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The magic called April in Belgrade gathers thousands of people from all over the world every year to experience the beauty of the awakening of spring right at these coordinates. It is quite logical because at this time everything becomes more beautiful. Both the environment and the people. More smile on the faces of acquaintances, known and random, and that is the energy that drives everything.

There is a detailed plan and program for all events so not a single day is boring. The music in the center of attention, both in the center and beyond, will make you dance non-stop. The international spectacle is scheduled for 21st April from 21:00 in Stark Arena. Eros Ramazzotti is coming to sing well-known hits as part of the "Battito Infinito" world tour. Decades old songs, but they will live forever. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the Italian ladykiller.

The phase of not going out, yet a big yes for walking and seeing the city, going down to the river is the only choice. Between the Branko's bridge and the Sava pier, the only remaining ship is anchored - the "Sava" river monitor from the First World War. The exhibit of the Military Museum and the cultural property of Serbia has been open to visitors since 1st April. One of a total of ten in the world, it once bore the name Bodrog. Today it is Sava, but it has long been known as a participant in the First World War from which the first artillery strike was carried out. Restored and available for viewing until autumn. When the weather is not suitable for spring and summer, the exhibition and the visit to the ship closes.

Easter is celebrated in April. This year on 16th April. Housewives are "tormented" by the dilemma of what to prepare for Easter. Gifts for children, family and friends is the next topic. Where there is love and health, there is everything. Just relax. It is time for the magic of the holidays to move into everyone's home.

Nothing warms the atmosphere like music. The beginning and the end of every story - a good song. Go on a new April adventure with an old hit. Because it is April in Belgrade.