October as Belgrade deserves

During September, big sports dreams became reality. On waves of winning energy the gold medal program is coming

Tuesday 3rd of October 2023

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October in Belgrade 2023 is nothing but a very exciting ride. Day by day, the repertoire changes and attracts audiences from all over the city, Europe and the rest of the world. Adaptation to kindergarten or school is already taking its course, pickling for winter is coming to an end, the sea is completely far away, in contrast to the numerous St. Patron's Days that will soon begin to be celebrated. Now is the time to fully indulge in the city atmosphere. While the weather hasn't turned into real autumn with lots of rain, an active tour of the events is all you need for a wide Belgrade smile.

The tenth month of the year and 10 reasons to be active from the first to the last day in the city map. However, the capital has far more than a dozen invitations to party. You will visit hundreds of events only if you know when and where they are held. For all questions starting with what to do in Belgrade, the only answer is the calendar of events.

BEMUS and BITEF are the two biggest events in October. Culture and art at the world level push the boundaries and cause a standing ovation, especially when seen and felt live. This year's program of famous events already looks impressive. There are so many good reasons to become a part of the city's tradition and come to the festivals that are talked about throughout the universe, and not a single one to miss out on.

Children's corner. Their smiles and happiness are not only hidden among new toys, gadgets and sneakers. Take the youngest to events where they are the center of attention. October and children equally Children's week, International Gathering of Children of Europe "Joy of Europe", Zvezdariste Theater and much more. If you cannot make it to the announced get-togethers, browse the plays for children in the theater calendar. Always a good choice is the children's kingdom in Vracar - Puz theaterPuz theater. They have been teaching and delighting the youngest for decades, and in October the program will be truly hilarious and magical.

International month against breast cancer is October. Regular screenings are the only thing every woman must take care of. However, women are often busy with numerous obligations and often put themselves last. Not realizing that they are the engine of every machine they have created. Not thinking about the fact that a sick person needs only one, but a healthy person needs a lot. Ladies, to be where you are now, schedule a breast exam.

Only once a year. You owe it to yourself to be healthy. To be well. The World Health Organization annually registers about 2,260,000 sick women, of whom more than half a million leave the world every year. During October, breast examinations in Belgrade will be performed more often than usual, crowds are minimal. Zero excuse to ignore an invitation to screening. A million reasons to finally take care of yourself.