Direct call - new autumn is calling

Here lies the special beauty of the new season. Here is what you are looking for everywhere, and it is offered exclusively here. Area code 011 is calling. Be sure to answer

Monday 25th of September 2023

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Autumn in Belgrade 2023 has come into the calendar. Someone shouts: "Finally!", others wonder if it is already time for it, others ignore it. The fourth ones are not surprised, they don't ask. It has always been the same, the planet spins whether we like it or not. Now it's time for autumn to show its trump card. Fallen leaves will be in everyone's way again. Everything is the same except for the content that Belgrade offers this fall.

October is the uncrowned king of indoor music. Concerts are on the program every day, in every part of the city. Big music events will turn the city into a world music stage. Il Divo is visiting the Arena on 28th October. There is still time to listen to the great hits but not many tickets available. Fans of world class musicians, don't waste your time. Urs Buhler, Sebastien Izambard, Steven LaBrie and David Miller will sing the biggest hits live. The project created by the famous Simon Cowell is breaking world records on the current tour. Do not miss the opportunity to be a part of recent history.

The fair in Belgrade during autumn is full of events. The first days of October are reserved for the Belgrade Furniture, Equipment and Interior Decoration Fair, when from 6th to 11th October, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about global trends and excellent solutions for every space. When you are furnishing a private or business space, this is an opportunity to buy at attractive prices because the fair discount is guaranteed to be available throughout the event.

When you want to make a beautiful space even more beautiful, it's time to buy details that do make a difference in the interior. First-class aesthetics are unthinkable without curtains. The most beautiful from all over the world, unique in every sense, necessarily custom made and with the highest quality standards. There is only one address for all curtains - Tier interiorsTier interiors. Zebra shades, roller blinds, classic curtains, paketo/roman curtains, blackout, pleats, screen office, mini roll, panel curtains and draperies such that you no longer have to travel to world fashion centers, the complete offer is available in Belgrade. The impressive final aesthetic has been living in a completely new, exclusive space in a new complex in New Belgrade since 1st September. Be sure to visit an oasis that will turn any space into a kingdom of beauty. Do not wait for the fair and discounts, Tier appreciates lovers of quality decorating and attractive price is guaranteed.

Important, excellent, popular - International Belgrade Book Fair from 21st to 29th October. This year is the 66th fair in a row and it will be perfect for sure. One of the leading cultural events on the map of Europe gathers tens of thousands of people from different spheres, and the love for the written word is common to all. Promotion of literature, creativity, education, cultural exchange, opening and discussing important issues are all that will mark the book festival in Belgrade.

This is the season where flavors are measured by delicious ajvar. Each jar of homemade ajvar represents a specialty highly rated on the international gastronomic list. The best partner for enjoying ajvar is hot bread. Treat yourself to relaxation with the tastiest autumn ever.

A big event for music in Belgrade and the whole world is about to start. BEMUS 2023 takes place from 8th to 22nd October at several notable addresses. Belgrade music festival in its 55th edition has a very rich and high-quality program. Put off everything that can be put off and embark on a musical journey through the new season. With good music, everything else can only be the best. Welcome to autumn in Belgrade 2023.