April in Belgrade which will be talked about for a long time

Ready for spring city joys? Of course you are. The remaining days of April are waiting for you to step into the attractive season of entertainment on the waves of Belgrade. Off we go!

Monday 8th of April 2024

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Spring has arrived, clocks are set back. Someone is sleepy. Someone can't sleep. Weather conditions may not be ideal for those who are troubled by sleep, but they are perfect for spending time in the city. The number of outdoor events is growing day by day. It would be really pointless if others were telling you about their time while you are trying to get some sleep. Put off your nap and go where everyone is eagerly waiting for you.

Bazaars and markets have been very popular in recent years. In this new season, they come to the fore because they become events that must not be missed. Almost every weekend is reserved for at least one such event. Don't be lazy, use your fingers and search the calendar which contains absolutely every great suggestion for spending time in the open air. Major musical events will not bypass the capital during this period. There are numerous exhibitions and they are looking forward to your arrival.

Starting 4th April, Stark Arena got back its real name - Belgrade Arena. It is completely city news that Belgrade Days 2024 will be organized from 16th to 19th April at several locations. The rich program will include the commemoration of important historical days and a high-quality cultural and artistic program. Attendance is absolutely mandatory. By the end of April, two more well-known and very important events will be organized. Here they are.

Architecture Salon 2024

The 46th Salon of Architecture bears the slogan "We have our own politics!" and sends a strong message to never give up on the high qualities of architecture. This year's edition will last until 26th April. The main venue is the Museum of Applied Arts. The awards ceremony and a lecture by the special guest of the Salon of Architecture is scheduled for 26th April from 18:00 at the location of the Yugoslav Cinematheque. The participants in each segment of the program are uncompromisingly professional, so do not miss this important architectural spectacle in the city.

Belgrade Marathon 2024

The marathon in Belgrade is on 28th April. The 37th Comtrade Belgrade Marathon traditionally organizes three races: a 42.2-kilometer marathon, a 10-kilometer relay half-marathon, and a favorite for many - fun run. The top organization and the city of Belgrade will send the most beautiful sports and social image to the whole world that day. The maximum number of registered participants is expected, as well as the breaking of previous records.

In anticipation of the marathon, the Running EXPO of the Belgrade Marathon will be held at the Belgrade Fair from 25th to 27th April under the slogan "It's time for running". Hall 5 will host running enthusiasts, running communities and large organizations. Right here, you will be able to collect start packages for participation in the marathon, as well as to meet numerous fans of this sport. Panels, educations, entertainment and everything that can represent the beauty of running will be right here.

When is Easter 2024?

Orthodox believers celebrate Easter this year on 5th May. The beginning of the next month will be marked by important dates, and Easter and St. George's Day (6th May) are definitely the most important. Start your preparations now because it will be a real challenge to decorate eggs and prepare for the St. Patron's day at the same time. Good weather is expected and wished for, so a large number of Belgraders will leave the city. Great suggestions for where to go for Easter are coming soon.