The Museum of Applied Art

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The Museum of Applied Art has existed since 6th November 1950. The specialized museum of art is a well-known institution dealing with selective collection, preservation, study, exhibition and publication of applied art items from all over Serbia and abroad.

The painter and graphic artist Ljuba Ivanovic has been in charge of forming the museum collection since opening. For the next thirty years, he has formed a collection of more than 3,000 items. Highlights of artistic and historical value are displayed through objects carved in wood, horn and nacre (mother of pearl), golden rarities, icons, handwritten and printed books. Also, the collection of the museum is enriched with items from the fourth century BC like the money of ancient Greece. Today, the museum has more than 37,000 objects of applied art of special importance for art and culture.

Exhibitions are regularly organized, and the work of the museum is also reflected in the publishing activity. The Salon of Architecture, Children's Salon of Applied Art, Salon of Contemporary Applied Art are just some of the famous manifestations with a decade-long history of organization.