Top 7 monuments in Belgrade that you must see

Belgrade has almost 450 monuments. Each one is important. It was raised for a reason. Some are more popular than others, located in well-known areas of the city. This is a list of 7 magnificent

Monday 18th of September 2023

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Serbia, one of the few countries in the whole world with such a rich history. Belgrade, the capital city that tells very important stories through monuments. A live visit is always a better idea than looking at photos. Put on comfortable shoes and head for exploring culture and history.

1. We were just children

Tasmajdan Park is the guardian of numerous monuments located in it. Tobogan, Lezeci akt, Zena koja sedi, Desanka Maksimovic and many other works of art embellish this city park. One monument is particularly important - We were just children. Placed in such a way that it is impossible to bypass it. A small symbol of great sadness. Bust of Milica Rakic, one of the 79 children, children who died in the NATO aggression against Serbia in 1999. Innocent victims that this nation will never forget.

2. Monument to Stefan Nemanja

When talking about Serbia, Stefan Nemanja is always quoted. He finally got his monument in 2021. With its impressive appearance and gigantic dimensions, it is a popular city attraction. One of the tallest but not the tallest monument in Belgrade. Located in the heart of the renovated Sava Square, it attracts Belgrade residents and guests from all over the world like a magnet. The symbol of origin, power and tradition must not miss your visit.

3. Monument to Prince Mihailo Obrenovic

"Cekam te kod konja" (I am waiting for you at the horse) is a phrase that was heard every day until the advent of shopping centers. The main meeting and socializing place is on Republic Square. An obvious and easily visible landmark of the city - the monument to Prince Mihailo was erected back in 1882. It was with the construction of this monument that a new era began in the appearance of the city center and the square itself. Prince Mihailo, the statesman who finally freed Serbia from the Turks and ensured its independence in a magnificent edition, on horseback, reminds the people - freedom above all else. Inappropriately "renamed" as a symbol of a horse instead of a prince was the jargon of a generation, but fortunately, it is rarely heard today that this is how the arrival at Republic Square is called.

4. Monuments to Nikola Tesla

Do you know how many monuments dedicated to Nikola Tesla there are in Belgrade? The correct answer is three. The first in front of the building of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the second at the airport that bears his name and the third in Karadjordje's Park, between the St. Sava Temple and the National Library of Serbia. The scientist who blessed the entire planet with his genius mind was so far ahead of his time that even today's age cannot decipher his ideas. The Nikola Tesla Museum will show you much more about his life and works than the monuments themselves. Mandatory address on the list of what to see in Belgrade.

5. The Victor

The symbol of Belgrade on Kalemegdan is a postcard that travels around the world. As popular as it is in modern times, it was just as controversial at the beginning of its existence. Originally, it was supposed to adorn the very center, but the ladies protested - they did not want to look at a naked man. Just when the things calmed down and the majority adopted the idea of settling on Kalemegdan, the peace lasted for a short time. The ladies of Belgrade and the intellectual elite only agreed to an agreement if the Victor looked towards Novi Beograd, which did not even exist at the time of the construction of the monument in 1912. New millennium, new rules, so there is absolutely no doubt about the appearance of the monument. Why would it when it is one of the most photographed monuments in all of Europe and much beyond. Be sure to set aside more time for a walk along Kalemegdan because you will be greeted by many more important monuments along the way to the Victor.

6. Saint Sava Temple

The largest and most important building for which every word is small. The feeling of being in the temple is an indescribable experience. One of the most popular places in Belgrade hosts myriad of guests every day. Believe it or not, the construction of the temple began in 1935. Everything that could sabotage the construction - happened. Finally, the central dome was placed in place in 1989 after 40 days of work. The temple dedicated to Saint Sava, the son of Stefan Nemanja, must be known, experienced and remembered forever.

7. Vuk's monument

Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, best remembered as a reformer of the Serbian language. Vuk's monument, a famous city destination for meeting and greeting. The epicenter of city transportation, a point from which you can easily reach literally every part of the city. The first metro station. Never as popular as Republic Square, but forever important for bringing people together. Arranged in the spring of 2023, a monument that must be on the list of mandatory monuments in Belgrade.

When the city center is not in the foreground, be sure to visit the Avala Tower. Impressive view from the tower for the best memories. The city's only mountain proudly invites you to socialize in nature that will be enjoyed by all generations. The Avala Tower was demolished in 1999 during the NATO aggression against Serbia, and was officially opened for visitors in 2010 after a complete reconstruction. The tallest tower in the Balkans is exactly 204.5 meters high.