I'll meet you at Vuk's

A Belgrade story. 100%

Sunday 23rd of September 2018

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Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic. Serbian language reformer, collector of valuable folk creations, writer of the first Serbian dictionary, philologist... Born in Trsic in 1787, he lived until 1864. He traveled all over Serbia, did a lot for the Serbian people and died in Vienna. A biography that impresses even those who have almost heard and seen everything.

And those who gather at his monument know everything, know superficially, or have no idea about Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic. But, by some inertia or need, Vuk's monument is obligatory in their map of movement. Viewed from the Boulevard, Cyril and Methodius Park, who also have their own bronze edition, starts at Vuk's. In the same park there is also Pushkin's monument. However, it is not always crowded here just because of the monument.

Belgrade's history has taught all the residents of the city a useful lesson: if you live in the center, and you need masters of all crafts or "day laborers" who carry furniture or many unnecessary things - garbage, they are at Vuk's since early morning. The deal is made on the spot and everyone is happy. Modern times have reduced the offer of these services, but still a hardworking man standing here and waiting for a job can be found here. Recently renovated park and Ruzveltova Street have made it possible to spend time here in nature, although the location is not quite right. The owners of dogs are during the day, especially in the evening, among the larger audience.

If you are a student of one of the faculties nearby, you know this area well. Hardworking future academic citizens take their seats on the bench and read. Less engaged mostly read literature that is written on alcoholic drinks labels. But, learning from school is not assessed here but life one, so often both are on the same page. Right next to the park, there are many catering facilities that work until midnight. When it is closing time, the park benches at Vuk's are occupied at the speed of light.

Everyone who lives or works on the outskirts of the city, passes by Vuk daily. The former wider area of ​​the city is the epicenter of city traffic. Here people take buses, trams and trains that go all over Belgrade. The typical city swarm is a common occurrence here. They say that in a couple of years there will be a subway station here... Then the show will start.

Among all of the above categories there is another one. A big one. Who grew up here, he is always attached to the Vuk's monument. He is like a sibling. They are happy when they come back from a trip, they wander around the park and the surrounding area, although they may no longer live in the neighbourhood, they have so much stories about adventures at Vuk's. Wherever they move away, Vuk stays in their hearts.

Everyone knows where Vuk's monument is. So do not be surprised when in the era of meeting in shopping centers people ask you: "When will we meet at Vuk's?"