Vuk monument

Vukov spomenik (The Vuk Monument) is a settlement in Belgrade which belongs to the municipality of Zvezdara. It is located on the borderline of the municipalities Zvezdara, Palilula and Vracar. The area occupies the southern valley slope of former Bulbulder stream that flowed in direction of today's street Dimitrija Tucovica. This part of Belgrade proudly bears the name of Vuk Karadzic. Park which is the guardian of the monument is called Cyril and Methodius Park.

This part of the city in the 19th century was far from the center. In the area of today's faculty was Racecourse, open space for various purposes. The first student residence in Serbia was built in 1928 right here and it was named after its donor, King Alexander. Allegedly, is in this house there was the Yugoslavian Grand Lodge of Masons. The monument to Vuk Karadzic was built in 1937, in honor of the 150th anniversary of his birth.

Intersection of Ruzveltova Street and King Alexander Boulevard is a very busy and important part of traffic. Under the intersection there is an underground railway station, and hopefully one day there will be the metro.