Winter in Belgrade

The magic is here. With or without snow, this is the season for the greatest enjoyment of the charms of the metropolis that is the capital of Serbia

Tuesday 27th of December 2022

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The Belgrade winter in full swing wins over both domestic and foreign audience. During the day and in the evening, a special program for all ages takes place in almost all city municipalities. However, the youngest people look forward to Santa Claus the most, so there are so many interesting things prepared for them.

Until 30th December, Trg bajki (The Fairytale Square) organizes free workshops, entertainment in various ways, concerts, shows, presentation of old crafts and handicrafts, an inclusive program, folk tales, puppet shows, holiday get-togethers and much more that will brighten up children's days in the city.

Until 23rd January, Vojvode Vuka Park is the main venue for the "Old Town Winter" event. Children and adults have a reason to come here every day. DJs performances, creative New Year's workshops for children and seniors, concerts, great food, socializing with Santa Claus and an attractive holiday program that changes every day should not be missed.

The winter fairy tale (Zimska bajka) in the Sava Park worked a miracle. Suitcases for traveling to numerous cities in Europe are not packed due to New Year's decorations and contents. Everything is in place except you who have to witness the magic live. The magnificent event leaves you breathless. Only until 15th January, visitors will have the chance to enjoy the imaginative creation. Cheerful, beautiful, different.

You can find the complete program and locations of the Belgrade Winter event in the calendar of events. Now, more than ever before, free time to stroll down the city's decorated streets and squares is in demand. The beauty of the holidays is everywhere. In world-class style.

When you are looking for a specific gift for the New Year and Christmas, hurry to the Kalenic, Skadarlija (Bajloni) and Palilula markets. The "New Year's Market" is held until 30th December at the three largest addresses for shopping at stalls. Special food and drink sales, exhibitors from all over the country, designers, artists - everyone has created the most beautiful things for you on the wings of holiday energy.

For the greatest adventure, head to the Belgrade Fair where the 60th New Year's Fair will last until 30th December. A total of 27 entertainment facilities will delight fans of a good time. Gifts, souvenirs, sweets, barbecue and everything that makes this fair unique is traditionally available.

There are many more interesting things in the city's repertoire. After visiting your favorite event, rest in your favorite restaurant. The guide to what to do during the winter in Belgrade is coming soon.