Bajloni Market

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The official name of this market is Skadarska, but no one calls it that way. People call it after an entrepreneur, who brightened the reputation of Belgrade in the world, Bajloni. Built on former swamp, tucked among Skadarska Street, Dzordza Vasingtona Street and Drinciceva Street, the Bajloni market has supplied Belgraders and their guests for almost 100 years. Although it has its official name, everyone calls it after the entrepreneur due to his great devotion to Belgrade.

Ignjat Bajloni was born in Litomysl in the Habsburg Monarchy, later the Czech Republic. He studied for leatherwork and alongside his brother did this job. Driven by great ambitions, he decided to move to America, but he returned soon to Serbia because of his sister and brother-in-law. Alongside his wife and four sons, Ignjat came back to the capital in 1885 and settled down at Topcider hill. He continued doing leatherwork, and three years later, he opened an eating house at Hajduk-Veljkov venac. In 1869, Ignjat bought an abandoned state water mill on the Mlava in ​​Mali Crnic. Later on, his son Anton, who, after his craft at his uncle`s, was practicing in mills abroad, was put a the helm of it. Bajloni bought 30 hectares of land where he worked in the area of agriculture.

In 1884, Ignjat bought up a small handmade brewery in the lower part of Skadarlija. There was a swamp full of mosquitoes nearby. He drained the swamp and developed the brewery so much that it, after his death in 1900, won many awards for its products on world exhibition in Paris. In 1903, the brewery was producing about 28.000 liters of light ("Pilsner") and dark beer.

At the site of the dried swamp, after the World War I, a market was formed, which, thanks to Bajloni`s merits for the development and reputation of Belgrade in the world, was named after him. After the World War II, some new heroes came to Serbia and this market got a new name - Skadarlija. However, nobody calls it like that. It has remained Bailoni`s market.