Kalenic Market

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The biggest market in Belgrade is located in the center of the smallest municipality of the city - Vracar. It was built on Kalenic`s threshing floor, land of the rich, great benefactor and merchant Vlajko Kalenic in 1926. The market administration was formed in 1933 and already in the first years of working, the market has been expanded by a large number of stalls. It did not take long for Kalenic market to become a place where young and old people meet, the rich and the poor, educated and uneducated, city ladies and hardworking women from the countryside, and they all come to buy something or sell something and to hear the latest news from city pavement. It has been like this for 90 years of its existence. What is interesting is that Vlajko Kalenic inhereted this land from his father, who was in business of manufacturing of slippers, and this tradition of passing marketplace from father to son has been kept till today.

Vlajko Kalenić, a wealthy merchant bequeathed all his property to charity in 1907, and after his death, "Vlajko Kalenic, Shoemaker and Economist from Belgrade Fund" was founded and it financed poor students and humanitarian and cultural institutions. Good tradition is carefully cherished even today. Financially endangered students at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade receive help from this foundation. In Svetogorska Street number 12, there is his building which rents 32 apartments, and all the income is intended for the improvement and education of students, just as Vlajko Kalenic wanted by his last will.

Kalenic pijaca is definitely one of the most interesting tourist attractions of Belgrade. It is specific and yet, authentic Serbian with an amazing charm. The market is famous for wide offer of fruit and vegetables, dairy products, and natural honey. Residents of all Belgrade come to Kalenic because of natural honey. Fish market, butcher`s, bakery shops, flower shops, sale of modern wardrobe and old stuff - all of this is available at Kalenic. Walking among stalls is a special experience, it is a special place in Belgrade surrounded by impressive beauty of Vracar.