Saint Ten

Hotel features 54 rooms and suites which reflect the residential luxury of Vracar. They offer an intimate luxury ambiance in an environment where every aspect of the hotel was designed with attention to details incorporating all the functionalities needed to assure the luxury level of service and comfort for all our guests.

The hotel was built in a sustainable manner to satisfy the highest needs of business guests. With uniquely personalized service and special attention to details, they offer their guests world class amenities and a memorable stay. Featuring a fine dining restaurant with an irresistible menu inspired by local products and worldwide cuisines, Sanctus restaurant offer the perfect food fusion tailor-made to satisfy even the most peculiar tastes.

Moreover, the Saint Ten Hotel also features elegant meeting rooms, 5 meeting spaces ideal for your business meetings or conferences tailor-made to meet the highest demands of business guests. As a creative alternative for special events, Saint Ten offers a multifunctional space located on the 6th Floor with an open terrace specially designed for both cocktails and board meetings or special events such as private dinners or birthdays.

Treat yourself with an unforgettable experience and stay at this hotel. Comfort and personalized service are designed for those who appreciate a supreme standard, the highest elegance and have a taste for unique experiences.