Days of Istria at the Saran restaurant

Gastronomic perfection at the famous restaurant on the Zemun quay from 12th to 25th February

Friday 9th of February 2024

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Istria in Belgrade. At the right moment. Finally, the Mediterranean spirit is coming to the cold Belgrade streets. The beach cannot be packed in a suitcase. Neither the sea nor the special smell of the air right next to the coast. Everything else will be at the Saran restaurant. Unique portions of food, sea of wine, olive oil, prosciutto and much more that you will think about for a long time.

Seafood, fish, truffles, Istrian meat and prosciutto make authentic recipes that are not typical for Belgrade. This is an invitation to get together with genuine Istrian specialties. This is an invitation to spend quality time in the favorite restaurant on the Danube. This is an invitation you must not refuse. Call the phone numbers +381 11 2618235 and +381 69 2618235 now and reserve your seat for a journey through the magic of first-class hedonism.

Mrs. Mira Zrnic and her tavern Stari podrum, winery Kozlovic, Bursic will host the event together with Mrs. Jasmina Vekic, owner of the Saran restaurant. The fusion of sincere friendship and fabulous gastronomy dates back to 2008, when a festival called Days of Istria was organized for the first time. Since then, every year, without interruption, there have been moments of refined portions of seafood, perfect wine and music that has accompanied every bite.

This year too, the most famous traditional specialties from Istria will be cooked: pljukanci (hand-rolled pasta), fuzi (pasta), cod pâté, and Boskarin carpaccio. Guests will have the special privilege of tasting the intoxicating malvasia, and the complete magic will be rounded off by the melodies that will bring the rhythm of Istria to the city. This year as well, everyone will be delighted. Don't miss the Days of Istria at the Saran restaurant from 12th to 25th February.