Perfect summer restaurants

There is no heat here. The higher the temperatures, the greater the enjoyment. When you are at the right place, summer has a completely different flavour

Friday 5th of July 2019

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Many people will spend the whole summer carefully "guarding" Belgrade and its enchanting magic. They will not go to a distant place where, except for palm trees and sea, there are not many other interesting things. Congratulations on their decision. There are many people who decided to spend their vacation in the capital of Serbia. Congratulations on their choice. The sightseeing programme is well known. Active cooling places as well. An important topic is where to rest from everything after all you have to do. There are two great suggestions coming.

The summer is unthinkable without staying in the garden of your favourite restaurant. In case that Kovac restaurant has not become your second home yet, it is high time. First of all, because of the dense shade where hand fans are nothing more than a fashion detail. Properly chilled wines will return you to normal. Comfortable furniture will replace professional massage.

You can be sure that you cannot miss anything in Kovac's gardens. Especially not first-class food. Light meals are recommended for the summer. Choose between two rich salad meals, light meals or even better, choose one of three fish specialties. Fans of first-class snacks do not care for seasons. If you are one of them, focus on the part of the menu called "Restaurant Kovac specialties". Words are superfluous here. Just so you know, nobody managed to resist everything that this restaurant provides. Neither will you. It has been in the same place for almost nine decades. Go.

Rivers are a symbol of the city that are especially visited during the summer. The Danube "beats" Sava because of the position. The Zemun Quay is located right next to the magnificent Danube. There is a completely authentic restaurant there. The Supermarket Talas is ideal for a good morning. It is great for an afternoon relaxing. Inevitable for the evening. The youngest guests are welcome because there is a whole programme of entertainment for them. Young people and those young at heart are constantly present. People who want fascinating view and home-made food do not miss to stay in the biggest garden on the Zemun Quay. Everyone has reasons for coming to the Supermarket Talas. Everybody feels like at home.

With high quality cocktails, hot summer becomes the best season. Forget about the classic offer. Quench your thirst with Munze Sunset, Super Malina Market, Green Kota, Talas Cake, Zova - Nana, Yellow 37, Fashion Paloma, Mawar Gin or Paper Moon. It is difficult to choose a cocktail. Domestic ice teas give the same dilemma. Deciding what to eat is almost impossible. That is why you should trust the amazing staff. They will solve all the big problems for you. It is up to you to come, take an attractive position and create unforgettable summer memories every day.