OPENS AT 12:00

One day in 1932, there was a certain change in Belgrade. The existing blacksmith shop closed, and the restaurant opened. The new situation did not represent any special news back then. Today, many decades later, the fact that Kovac has been living at the same address, in the same house, and in the best edition, is information that deserves standing ovations.

It is not known how many secrets, happy moments, sad break-ups and business successes hide these walls. But it is widely known that this contemporary ethno restaurant truly nurtures and preserves the true bohemian spirit. Staff with no human nor a professional flaw will lead you back with ease to ancient times, when a tavern meant life, and a good man was worth more than anything material. History that is rarely found makes you literally fall in love with the life that is lived in this tavern. Forever.

Starogradska muzika (old city music) relaxes already at the first notes. A fantastic interior creates a feeling that you have come to visit someone you love a lot. Numerous details, perfectly arranged, will make you admire the space again and again. Whether it is the first or hundredth visit, it is not important. Hedonism called Kovac cannot get bored. Especially when viewed from the gastronomic angle.

Bread. A real domestic bread of flour from old mills as it used to be is not a story about old times but a compulsory member of everyday serving. Along with the traditional appetizer and ajvar, there is no such world language that will not understand the delicious welcome in the Kovac style. Only the beginning, and the palate happier than ever. Satisfy appetite with the offer created by outstanding chefs. Traditional Serbian serving - barbecue, when prepared with a lot of love, is much more than impeccable portions of quality meat.

If you are a gourmand with experience, the unusual gastro fate is sealed with, foe example, the highest quality meat, veal and lamb under the bell (baked in clay pot among live coals), juicy beefsteak or any other unique taste festival. Do not forget that the beverages at this address are equally important and that with each specialty there is recommended wine, homemade brandy or some other beverage. Be sure to make room in your stomach for treats. The best sweet end is inevitable.