OPENS AT 12:00

Back in 1932, this restaurant was opened in the same place, in the same house. It is not known how many secrets, the happiest moments, sad romances and business successes this restaurant keeps. Well-known is the fact that this is a modern ethno restaurant that keeps true, tavern spirit. Kind staff and warm, welcoming atmosphere in beautiful interior make you fall in love with the life this tavern lives.

The spectacular menu fascinates the domestic and a large number of foreign guests who are gathering here regularly. A special offer of local brandy with controlled origin and the highest quality local and intercontinental wines perfectly create an unforgettable experience that provides much more than a normal visit to a quality restaurant. Homemade bread, leskovacka muckalica (a stew made of barbecued meat and vegetables), veal and lamb under the bell and many famous specialties with a label of domestic origin are the main reasons why this restaurant is always crowded.