OPENS AT 10:00

Romance in the air, excellent homemade wine in your hand, tradition on the plate, hospitality that makes you feel good. Colours of life experience and skills make every guest happy. Every word is in its place and everything that is written is absolutely true. However, words cannot describe this realm of a quality catering oasis.

Cold winter nights will be warmed by the fireplace. Hot summer is more than idyllic in the beautiful garden. The welcoming home is the right choice for everyday relaxation as well as for special occasions. Focus on the guest list and leave everything else to the magic team.

Wines are talked about with great pleasure at this address. They are tasted as well! Skrbic Winery or Chicha Restaurant are two different names for one, unique magic. Each bottle proudly represents decades of effort. Unbelievably pleasant aromas have been recognized long ago. There is no doubt that these are the labels you want to get to know.

When food is the main topic, the conversation never ends. From homemade beans and aromatic portions of meat to popular salads, fish and other specialties. Of course, homemade cakes are ready to disappear in one bite every day. Impeccable gastronomy is waiting for you.