New Year's Eve Restaurants

The New Year is about to arrive. Here is where you will start 2022

Tuesday 28th of December 2021

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Wine is always a good choice. Just like the label "Made in Serbia" is the best choice. Skrbic Winery and restaurant Chicha are also organizing a New Year's Eve party as well as a rerun. The vast menu with national specialties guarantees an excellent feast. Appetizers, sarma, barbecue with a side of bakers potatos, roasted meat, seasonal salads, and desserts are what makes up the New Year's serving. Goga and Black Peca will be in charge of the atmosphere - It's never too late. For all information and reservations call +381 11 4280500 and +381 66 055500.

Fasting season. So, the season of fish specialties. Belgrade has a fish restaurant that the whole world envies. Its name is Saran. By now it is probably clear where one should go for New Year's Eve. In addition to the magical kitchen, a public secret is that this place readiates a special kind of energy. Saran does not wait until midnight for congratulations, kisses, and hugs. The New Year's matinee starts exactly at noon and will last until 20:00. Veseli Sremci and Rubato are acoustic bands that will play during the daytime fun. The standard a la carte food and beverage offer will be at your leasure. Totally relaxed. Truly great is the only way Saran knows how to do things. Call +381 11 2618235 and +381 69 2618235 so that no one takes your place.

Restaurant Potpis, for many a favorite place in Vracar, has a perfect plan for the last night of the current and the first hours of the new year. Flawless serving include the Potpis Appetizer, numerous salads, specialty Monastery chicken, roast, and dessert. A welcome drink is included in this hospitable home. The Mare Tax-Free band will play all evening. An identical program follows for the New Year's rerun. Information and reservations are waiting for you and the phone numbers are +381 63 664665 and +381 11 4076369.

Bahus Inn is a raft based restaurant where you should show up. The perfect modernization of traditional values ​​is a combo that will make entering 2022 an night to remember. For the greatest night you can get, choose the all-inclusive offer. A gala dinner, unlimited drinks, and the tambourines that will force you to keep a smile on your face. Check for empty spots open for the taking by calling +381 64 6580861.

The dilemma of where to go out for the New Year has been solved. All you have to do is choose your wardrobe and your best company. Enjoy it like never before. Happy New Year!