Bahus Inn



The tastes of Serbia in such an edition that the Zemun Quay will be on everyone's drive-by. Any time. A menu with the important signature of an eminent chef who, with his expertise, masterfully enchanted both the professional critics and a large audience - the customers. That is why the number of regular customers is increasing every day. Important information: 115 wine labels are waiting on you to make a selection. And don't forget to share the good time you had with everyone.

This is a restaurant for children. Why you may ask. Well as soon as they renew their energy with homemade food and healthy juices, they can continue playing outdoors along the Danube. A great choice when you have important business partners to tend to. A place for weddings where even the most demanding of brides shall be smiling simply due to the impeccable organization and service. Early breakfast or a romantic dinner on the river? There is only one answer for any occasion - Bahus Inn.

As many as 10 options for breakfast, soups, and stews, creatively designed side dishes, cold and hot appetizers, main dishes, salads, sandwiches and tortillas, house specialties, river and sea fish, pasta, and risotto, and the inevitable dessert section are on this rich menu. To ensure a spectacle is what your palate experiences simply contact the perfect staff for any consultation and they will deliver.

The interior is such that you make yourself feel at home. Luxurious pieces of solid wood furniture are there for you to both relax in and for unforgettable events. Natural colors that make a fit for any event. A large terrace on a raft for a summer adventure in the spirit of Belgrade. With a smile on the face of every employee, no doubt, you will not want to be anywhere else.

Back in the 1990s, Bahus Inn was a legend of daytime and nighttime events. Every locally important person and esteemed guest of the city was seen right here. In 2019, a new concept was born in the same place - Bahus Inn. Same old hospitality and famous good atmosphere are still present. There is a handful of news. A gastronomic trip to Bahus Inn is more than just indulging in quality and delicious specialties. National cuisine translated to the latest gastronomic trends make Zemun Quay the most visited location in the city for anyone and everyone.