Srpska kuca piva



Where to go for a beer, where to go tonight, and where to have a drink after work are just some of the questions with the same answer. The address is Antifasisticke Borbe 33 because exactly 33 beers are ready and waiting at any moment. 20 editions of draft beer, as well as 13 bottled beers, are the reason why Srpska Kuca Piva will be your second home.

With a flawless and rich offer of beer, five homemade sausages as well as outstanding cevapi are there to complement it. The types of sausages available are as follows: cheese, beer, spicy beef, mixed and or smoked. The choice is yours. Rest assured that there is no mistake in whichever one you choose. The kitchen is always open from 15:00 to 22:00 except on Sundays.

No beer drinker is unsatisfied with sailing "Mala Barka". It's not just beer. It's a brand. The trademark of this house. The label also won over the "ordinary world", which simply loves beer, but also the expert jury and critics at fairs and competitions across the country. His slogan "Swallow of Serbia" explains everything. If there is someone who has not yet met its majesty "Mala Barka", they should come immediately and correct the big mistake that was made. They will thank you later.

A pub that Belgrade deserves. Belgrade has been waiting for this pub like this for a long time. The only place in the whole country where the beer drunk is 100% from Serbia.

Craft beer is made here. Even the ones who did not want to try the craft beer made here, before they came, well now they do. They are now regular guests. Now everyone can enjoy the originality and the quality. At the pub, but also at your home. Since you can buy the craft beer and leave it together with it.

Forget about the typical interior - wood on all sides, mugs, and a few more trees. Luxurious interior in which it is impossible not to feel good about any day of the week. It is no secret that from all parts of the city, "rivers of people" flow into New Belgrade, and the reason is this pub.

This is not just a good concept with even better beer. This is a place with a special story from the distant past. This is a house yet to be talked about. The Serbian beerhouse to be known all over the world. Just follow along and be a part of history. Cheers!