Novi Beograd

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The name of Novi Beograd was first mentioned in 1924 when Petar Kokotovic, a farmer from Bezanija (part of New Belgrade), opened the tavern "Novi Beograd" in the street Tosin bunar.

In New Belgrade there is the longest residential building in Serbia: a thousand meters long and it is located in block 21. It contains 795 apartments, has 62 entrances and it has a population of 3,500 people. The first sandy beach in Belgrade appeared in the 1940s on the space between Branko's and Old Bridge. The beach was named "Nica" after the tavern which was located on the site of the present restaurant "Usce". After the World War II, the beach was a favorite place of Belgraders, it had swings, carousel and changing rooms.

Belgrade municipality is considered by many as the town for itself, and the reason is the level of development. This part of the city used to be called "large bedroom", and today it is considered to be the most developed and the most modern municipality. Modern high-rise buildings, broad streets, many parks, long bike paths, airport, the Sava Quay, shopping centers are some of the symbols of this part of Belgrade.

Novi Beograd does not have the main street for walking such as Knez Mihailova Street, there is no bohemian quarter such as Skadaralija. But definitely it has the "world charm" as the biggest cities in the world have, where in the air can be felt modern, cosmopolitan rhythm of life.