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Hidden among the noisy boulevards that New Belgrade has in abundance, this restaurant is a safe haven for delicious food and time spent in silence. Yes, that's right - blissfully ever since 2001. A unique survivor in the part of the city where everything moves fast. This is a place that plays by its own rules. Take it easy because that's the only way it should be here. This will become your favorite little gastronomic corner with a whole oasis of national specialties hiding inside of it.

Serbian cuisine in Belgrade is very popular. A brand for itself that neither the domestic nor foreign audience can resist. Old recipes given a modern form will make you refuse everything that is not sarma, paprikash, tripe, goulash, stewed beans. Fried calf legs are a rare item made by barely anyone these days. They are waiting for you here every day. Plus a whole range of other forgotten dishes is prepared here so that you never forget them.

Custom meals to order, roasts and grilled dishes are the ones to pleasantly surprise the guests who do not consider a meal without meat, well a meal. Lovers of river and sea fish alike can expect the same level of satisfaction. With a wide range of fresh healthy salads to choose from, a meal of quality is to be expected. You are also advised to save some space for the sweet delights that await you. You never miss out on a homemade cake.

The local cuisine restaurant Kesten warmly welcomes guests both in the hall and garden. If you are looking for a place that feels like home but also want to organize celebrations at an affordable price, what you are reading at the moment is your recommendation. Note down the important dates and leave them to an experienced organization, and you take care of other things. You don't even have to think about parking. In the public parking lot next to the restaurant you will surely have a place for your vehicle.

Want great food at home? No problem. Catering is an option that this restaurant offers. Be sure to head over and try the food and drinks, the recommendations of the experts will help you design a menu that will please guests wherever it is needed.