A concept as valuable as gold is perfect for a weekend party but also a romantic dinner. Rodizio Premium Restaurant is the only one where you can acquire some original Brazilian rodizio. In his company are a first-class dry-age burger, Black Agnus, and a steak covered in 24-carat gold.

To make each piece of meat a portion to remember, exceptional wines are at your disposal at all times. More than fifty labels from all over the world will make you feel royal. Make sure to come here with your queen make the best of your time.

Unique in every sense. The sophisticated interior that is flawless will make every moment you spend here worthwhile. Elegant colors, prestigious materials, the vision of the modern age in the urban zone whisper magic to all the senses. A restaurant New Belgrade never had in its arsenal, until now. A place that would be envied by far bigger cities than the capital of Serbia.

Meat is the key to good taste. When it is prepared by eminent chefs, it becomes the best option for when you ask yourself what to eat. Rodizio swords, sliders with draped pork, stuffed turkey fillet with baked grinders, glazed ribs with spiced potatoes and cream, and beefsteak in aromatic oil make up only a small part of the menu.

A glamorous serving for the utmost sophisticated palates is to be found on the golden menu. Gold steak, gold tomahawk, or gold burger - the choice is yours alone. You must not miss the golden cappuccino accommodated golden souffle. A luxury you will be talking about for a while. Believe our word and make a reservation quick so you can see for yourself, and you will know the moment you take the first bite.

The dessert menu proves that there is no end to pleasant surprises. Tres leches with poppy seeds, lemon tart with red pepper, choco souffle, choco tart, legendary churros, and Rodizio passion pancakes are the perfect end to a gastronomic adventure. For all that, this restaurant has to offer and for all that it is, it will turn you into its regular customer, at this unrealistically perfect oasis.