It is a fine dining restaurant since that is indicative of what Senjak is like. The home-like atmosphere here negates the uptight norm, and puts overall pleasure as well as a smile in the spotlight, because of impeccable food of course. From the first to the last dish on the menu, each one is a superstar ready to leave your palates in love. Do not overthink it, but instead reserve a hundred or so tables and throw a giant party. A big crowd is only to be expected at the masterfully thought-up restaurant named Graficar.

A long history, different trends, changes that are always for the better, close attention to the feedback of both new and old guests throughout decades together all accumulates to the restaurant being a spectacle whenever you decide to show up. They will do everything in their power (believe me, a lot of things are) to make your completely spontaneous lunch, romantic dinner, business event, birthday celebration, victory, and or anniversary memorable for years to come. The food, wine, and luxurious interior are enlisted to help make this happen as well as the perfect hosts.

A light warm-up is just the beginning of getting to know the gastronomy at Graficar. Njeguska and beef prosciutto, pork grind, kulen, and beef carpaccio are just some of the representatives. Soups and stews are not to be underestimated either. Pasta, risotto, fish, national specialties, and salad meals here have more loyal fans than many celebrities.

Now it is time to get to know the unique dishes. Beefsteak in mushroom and caper sauce, roasted New Zealand lamb chop on mashed potatoes, chicken with bulgur porridge, veal cutlet with chestnut sauce, croquettes, stewed red cabbage, legendary Karadjordje's schnitzel, and several other masterful dishes can be tasted exclusively at Graficar.

It would not be enjoyable for all generations without there being a part of the menu that includes dishes for even the youngest of guests. This is one of the few restaurants where little gourmets spend their time without making a fuss about it.

Indulging in special deserts is as enjoyable inside the restaurant as it is in the garden during the warmer times of the year. It's not magic. Knowledge, love for catering, positive energy, and desire for success make you feel like in a story most delicious. If you have already arrived at Graficar, then you really did yourself an amazing favor.