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The restaurants that New Belgrade has are not to be slept on. A fine dining restaurant called Jerry is the place your dreams. The place where you will choose a lobster from the aquarium and eat kebabs that melt in your mouth. The masterful concept leaves no one indifferent. If you come from abroad, be sure to plan your stay at this place. You will get more than you might expect.

Audiences from all meridians, as well as the locals of the city, can expect an unprecedented gastronomic spectacle on every visit. Guaranteed. Different again, forever delicious without any compromises. Dry-aged and steak categories meet the highest criteria. Fresh fish too. It will be difficult to choose your favorite dish. Just for you, there is exceptional staff available who, in agreement with you, will help you discover a unique menu.

The rich offer of wine is to be applauded. Countless labels from different countries are the perfect pair for the art called food which the Restaurant named Jerry is serving. An impressive drink card has been created for any moment. The best brandies, fresh juices, cognac, rum, cocktails, and much more are there. Just for your smile.

Luxurious interior, refined aesthetics, attractive color choices. From floor to ceiling, every bit of space is fashioned to the highest of standards. The right choice for morning meetings, afternoon gatherings, a romantic dinner, and celebrating important events. Two gardens are equally beautiful and ready for your enjoyment once warmer weather comes of course.

The octopus, the famous local cuisine which is a prime reason why foreign audiences learn the Serbian language. Both homemade brandy and bold whiskey. Both glamour and a pleasant home atmosphere. This is a restaurant that has it all. The only thing missing now is you.