An entire century and a few decades. That long the life philosophy widely known as Saran restaurant lasts. A living proof that hedonism was not invented by a modern society. The confirmation that the trends are seasonal, and the quality is eternal. Exactly where the sky is reflected in the magnificent Danube there is a place that knows nothing but the best. Welcome to the Zemun Quay. Welcome to the gem of Belgrade catering.

Vicentije Vukotic opened an inn in 1896, the forerunner of the restaurant as it is now known called "Zlatni saran". His dear wife was in charge of the menu. Because of her fish soup, Mrs. Jelena quickly became a favourite lady to everyone. Lenka the housewife, as she was called, knew something no one else did. To turn fish soup into an unmistakable fireworks of flavours. The same Lenka's recipe is still in force today. And the soup is served just like in her time. In copper kettles on wrought iron stand.

People were coming for a portion of soup and freshly caught river fish by all means of transport. Stuffed carp was then and is now without competition. Everybody felt good in Saran. Respectful traders, fishermen, ordinary workers, city elites. Nobody thought his place was not in Saran. Sit at your favourite table and watch. You will see that nothing has changed. Friends, business partners, young people, pensioners, local and international audiences. There is no division in this unique territory.

The time has changed, so has Saran. At one point, it remained without the addition of "zlatni" in its name, but that did not diminish his impressiveness. On the contrary. Saran survived everything. Wars and sanctions and hard times. It came out of everything stronger and better than ever.

The golden rules for a happy life are in effect 24/7. This is why people come to this address. To socialize, talk and create new memories. To laugh because they hear great news in person. Pay attention, everyone's phones are in their bags. They are not interested in digital information. Exclusively "live" enjoyment. They taste excellent flavours, appreciate impeccable hospitality and rejoice not realizing that they all write new pages of history.

Talking and writing about the interior, details and colours is superfluous. There are no words that can describe visual harmony. Everything that was supposed to be saved from ancient times is there. Everything that causes admiration is widespread in the whole area. The spectacle starts just when you think that staying in this great-looking restaurant that serves impressive specialties and a sophisticated range of drinks is coming to an end. Tambura orchestra and its subtle music will keep you more than you planned. Let them do so. You only live once.