Zemun Market

Saved written documents from the 17th century prove that peasants delivered goods to the inhabitants of Zemun at their home address. Back then, upper class and folk did not meet at markets. Residents of Novo selo, which is popular for agriculture even today, were the main suppliers of Zemun citizenship. Watermelons and grapes were shipped by boats from Stari Slankamen, and cabbage from Lido. At that time, the Germans sold their products: butter, mileram (dairy sour cream) and cottage cheese. The fish market was located just along the banks of the river on the Zemun quay. Even today, this is the location where the entire Belgrade is supplied with fresh river fish. A special charm is that sellers are largely fishermen who, after successful catch, come here to sell it.

The Zemun Market today is equipped with 379 fixed and 125 mobile stalls, and it also has 47 external refrigerated showcases. The Fish Market has a capacity of 19 selling points, fully equipped with refrigerated showcases, counters and fish pools. The Zemun Market Plateau was renovated in June 2016. The works included paving around 3.700 square meters. A fountain was built, and the facades of the surrounding buildings were completely decorated and the avenue is planted. The works included complete renovation of the sewage, hydrant and electrical infrastructure. The market complex has been completely visually and functionally adapted without disturbing the traditional role of the market in the sociological, historical and cultural sense.