Days of Hvar at the Saran Restaurant

Finally, on the city repertoire there is the most awaited spectacle. The harmony for all the senses lasts only until 15th March. Hurry up!

Wednesday 26th of February 2020

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The Saran Restaurant traditionally organizes the "Days of Hvar" event. Mediterranean flavours and wine, right from their home location, have arrived at the famous restaurant on the Zemun Quay.

The captain of the gastronomic journey, Jurica Tomicic and the crew of his choice are in town until 15th March. With lots of fresh fish and excellent wine, sea salt, hand-picked lavender, home-made oils, Dalmatian prosciutto, cheese and much more have found their place in the captain's suitcase.

"Days of Hvar Cuisine" have a special menu with more than sixty specialties. Cold appetizers, soup, warm appetizers, restaurant specialties, fresh fish and seafood, selected side dishes, salads and desserts - a complete galaxy of flavours will stir your soul with Dalmatian notes. Absolutely everyone's soul. Serving from the Adriatic Sea is not lonely. Unexcelled portions of the Saran Restaurant are also available.

Wineries Marijan Pitve, Korta Katarina and Jokic present their selected labels. From Hvar, of course. For the right reason, because every drop is flawless.

At lunch and dinner time, the sound of Klapa with classical repertoire is responsible for the fully Adriatic energy.

For 17 years, the Adriatic Sea and the Danube have been merging into one thanks to Jurica Tomicic, a representative of Kod Kapetana Restaurant from Hvar and Mrs. Jasmina Vekic, the owner of the Saran Restaurant. An unbelievably delicious story called "Days of Hvar" is the main theme these days. And where are you?