New Year's Eve

Favorite restaurants and bars in Belgrade have prepared a superb program for welcoming the New Year 2023

Tuesday 20th of December 2022

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The current year is going by so quickly. So are free seats in popular restaurants and bars. As soon as possible, make a reservation for the New Year's Eve and celebrate the important day in a great way.

Tata Mata Novi Beograd has been creating amazing moments since the beginning of its work. It will be exactly the same on 31st December from 20:30 when the spectacle begins in every sense. The chef prepares a gala dinner of your choice - fish or meat menu, just for this occasion - more elegant than ever. Festive melodies colored by old town music will be played by the excellent Gust Quintet. Expect an unexpectedly festive and endlessly special atmosphere. The magic of this restaurant will delight you so much that you will want to spend every moment right next to the Sava River.

Traditionally high-quality food, a well-known name on the catering map of the city. Decades of work and countless memories are carefully nurtured by Zlatar restaurant. A plan has been prepared for New Year's Eve that you cannot say no to. The complete menu and Zlatar rakija (brandy) are more than enough for an impeccable welcome of a new beginning. However, that is not all. From 20:30, the BG Ekspres tambourines sing and play. A warm smiling face and genuine hospitality promise a night to remember.

Dancing, hugging and lots of kisses at midnight are a great way to celebrate the New Year's Eve. Pub Tramvaj is a perfect choice for having fun until the morning with pop and rock music. Important dates such as 31st December require a different organization. From 21:00, the Fratelli band sings and plays only the hits you love. Tramvaj's identity card is an impressive drink offer. Good news: on New Year's Eve, the prices of drinks and food will be regular.

For many people, the Zemun quay is closest to their hearts. If you are a fan of the Danube, as well as national and international cuisine, the New Marinero restaurant is the place for you. More charming than ever, honest as always. The all inclusive offer and the band Marinerosi start at exactly 21:00. It will be difficult to leave your favorite portions of food in order to dance to nice music. However, this is a special night and do your best to shine in every field, both eating and dancing.

You want to celebrate the New Year's Eve but far away from the city crowd - nothing simpler. Restaurant Chicha is the only destination to your wish. The offer for the last Saturday of the year includes a full menu, unlimited drinks and the energy of the band Vertigo. The Chicha complex has a restaurant, a winery and a hotel. Everything you need for a night out and the next day is at one address. Instead of taking a photo, let your memory be saved in a bottle of wine. Treat yourself to an extraordinary experience worth remembering.