New Marinero



Hedonism has no price, but here it is available to everyone. A piece of paradise inspired by the tastes from the distant Caribbean, spiced with the always desirable aromas of the Mediterranean, neatly mixed with the most beautiful traditional specialties from all over Serbia. Designed so that the thirst to go to warmer regions is quenched on the first visit. Your favorite holiday destinations are no longer Greece, Italy, or Latin America. Now there will always be a restaurant that prepares the Zemun quay for your most beautiful moments.

Each dish is made with carefully selected ingredients. And the main supplier of them are small Serbian producers. Everything is checked, and everything is healthy. Nothing but perfection reaches the kitchen.

Uncompromising quality and view work wonders. Kindness is always appreciated. As well as a sincere smile. Granted, nothing is missing in this place. Tastes from many parts of the world, breathtaking interior, live music, and the magic of the Danube are all here you are the only thing missing. Alone, in the company of a friend or pet. During working hours with business obligations or in your free time. You choose when and with whom you will share unforgettable moments.

A breakfast that guarantees to wake you up is served each morning. Grilled Mirocki cheese with duvan cvarci, Moroccan chicken skewers, octopus salad, and tartar prawns all make up a small part of the uniquely created menu. Vegans, vegetarians, lovers of fish, lovers of first-class meat, fresh home-grown vegetables, and unavoidable sweet treats will all want to visit the gastronomic temple of New Marinero.

The successful combination of usually incompatible flavors is reason enough to visit. An exotic experience for the palate through modern dishes. Here you can find the famous rare foods that are more talked about than eaten. Brizle, beef cheeks, a salad of crispy pork ears, and much more are prepared on certain days. Every day is reserved for certain dishes. Call the restaurant and find out which day of the week will become your favorite day.

Recently renovated interior conquers at first sight. Lots of fine details, blue and white as the leading colors, and very comfortable chairs will make each visit longer than planned. When there is a great terrace on the river, you will always look for extra space. The landscaped garden also contains a safe space for the youngest. This is an ideal restaurant for children, young people, and adults. A peaceful place for all generations throughout the year.