Dunavski alasi



A restaurant beside a river but it definitely feels like you are out on the sea. The Danube will never be a sea. And that is a good thing. Being a river gives the Danube the talent to write unique stories as well as heal the soul and change the day. For more than 2 decades The Danube has been achieving this with the help of a particular restaurant. Now the second generation of Danube anglers offer you fresh river fish like never before.

Relaxing atmosphere as if you are not in the city. The perfectly designed interior skillfully balances modern trends and the home mood. So many meaningful details that make or break an interior and not a single one is wasted. Maximally photogenic. An ideal space for all celebrations. The maximum capacity is 150 seats. The choice is yours, you can both park your car right in front of the restaurant in the parking lot or park your boat right next to the restaurant. The celebrations taking place at the river are unforgettable. Be sure to invite anyone because there is a corner for even the youngest guests.

The daily catch is the main star of the menu. Deverika, catfish, trout, carp, perch, and sturgeon are available here every day. They are prepared in several ways, and they are prepared in such a way that each dish is remembered forever. Many fish specialties conquer the palate. Love at first bite.

Homemade barbecue, a rich offer of meat dishes, healthy meals for vegetarians, unavoidable tufahija, baklava, and other old-school desserts are prepared daily and disappear at the speed of light. Be sure to try the hot pogaca with fish pate. There will be no end to your enjoyment.

Dunavski Alasi, on the very bank of the Danube in Krnjaca, is ready to be your host every day. When you do not have time for a visit you can order catering. A simple deal, you will get much more than you think. Relax and let the experienced prepare food for you.