Taverna Jakovljevic


OPENS AT 10:00

A family restaurant at the confluence of the Rivers Sava and Danube. A witness to the river romance for which people travel to the city. Tied to tradition, they will serve the spirit of true home-like atmosphere with every order. The rivers set the pace. Just like the menu does. Understandably, fish - exclusively fresh, is something that your palate must not miss. It would not be wise to bypass the excellent wine offer.

Kalemegdan, Great War Island, city life on the water. You can see and feel everything from the best point of view. Morning relaxation or evening gatherings become unrealistically perfect moments with hospitality and excellent tastes. You do not believe the words? Get to work right away and book a table. The menu abounds in traditional specialties. You and your guests from far away will be delighted.

When you have a dilemma where to celebrate important dates, Taverna Jakovljevic is the ideal address. Every wish becomes reality. With minimal agreements and affordable prices, you will get the best celebration ever. Eternal memories for all generations are ready. Hurry up.