Na kraju Sveta



Na Kraju Sveta meaning on the edge of the world is exactly where relaxation begins. The food of the highest qualities, a rich and carefully created drink menu, and the magnificent Danube along with with a smile and a sincere welcome will make you feel royal. This restaurant on the Danube has been creating fondly looked upon memories for more than 15 years. Now is the time to go ahead and find out why people are always looking for an extra chair here.

The fish restaurant offers an impressive spectre of fresh river fish. Catfish, sturgeon, carp, smoked carp, bream, pike, and perch are the most popular items on the menu. They are prepared in several ways and each is unrealistically delicious. Before choosing your favorite dish, be sure to taste the fish cvarci. However, save some place in your stomach for a fish soup prepared according to an old authentic recipe, or settle for the unique fish paprikas. Both a healthy oasis of tastes and a great mood awaits you every day.

When the barbecue is good it is not to be missed. Here it is more than just good. Kebabs, burgers, sausages, skewers, and much more are not simple food but an elixir for the soul. The legendary Karadjordjeva is also on offer.

Homemade cakes along with coffee are the perfect conclusion to this magical gastronomic journey. The name of this restaurant may mean the edge of the world but you will want to come here every day. Put your wishes into motion, and leave it up to the experienced and skilled chefs at the Danube. You will forget about all stressful obligations. Here time freezes. The only thing that is being measured is your satisfaction.

If you are wondering where to have dinner, Na Kraju Sveta is the right answer. Romantic dinner, business gathering, or hanging out in your favorite company. For any occasion you need. Rest assured that they will get far more than you might expect. No reason to delay it discover some amazing and tasting dishes now.