Three Peppers


OPENS AT 10:00

Domestic cuisine, fish specialties, a rich menu of drinks, and an invaluable view of the river Danube are everything you need when you want to spend some quality time. No more and no less, a restaurant on the river makes you feel special even when you have no reason to. Just come, with the first order, it will be clear why every guest has a big smile on their face.

Serbian-style breakfast. Longtime fishermen guarantee you a delicious fish lunch. Skilled hands prepare a barbecue that will awaken the butterflies in your stomach. The wide range of seasonal salads is another reason for those who want to stay fit to discover the charms of this place. Soups and various representatives of domestic cuisine, more precisely cooked dishes - are all there. At the end of the gastronomic trip, there are homemade pancakes, cheesecake, tiramisu, tres leches (three kinds of milk cake), and ice cream. Let all your senses be stimulated by something magical.

This raft-based restaurant was created with only a single goal. For you to truly enjoy yourself right next to the Danube. In the city center, and yet isolated from noise. One step away from everything, yet in his universe. A touch of tradition promises that you will be feeling as if you were home. Courtesy above all guarantees that you will always set aside some time for your favorite oasis in the city.