Stari gurman



Restaurant of local cuisine for all generations. An inseparable part of tradition consists of cooked meals and naturally, they are in the spotlight. The tastes of Serbian cuisine together with true Serbian hospitality are not to be missed. Cooked meals are prepared every day and every day a new favorite dish is made to be eaten with a spoon. The interior designed to make you feel at home is an ideal place for any free time you might have.

Simply relax and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. Those are the feelings that will greet you on every visit. For the very hungry, the exceptional offer of grilled dishes will make you smile. Kebabs, burgers on kajmak, gourmet burgers, homemade smoked sausages, homemade smoked neck, and pork ribs in kajmak are just a small part of the great choices you can make. Before you start researching quality dishes and large portions, taste some homemade cvarci, pihtije, goat cheese, and kulen. The pleasure will be immeasurable.

The great selection of fish is the right choice when fasting. As soon as you are back to a normal diet, head to Stari Gurman again. The special offer adored by guests either from abroad or experienced local gourmets includes fried tripe, grilled sweetbread, beef tails in juice, grilled intestines, and many other old-school flavors. If you are not a fan of these specialties, you will not resist dishes such as a Karadjordjeva steak, cordon bleu, Wiener schnitzel, or medallions with mushrooms.

Serbian dishes with a modern twist make this restaurant in Zvezdara a favorite among audiences from all over the city and abroad. Indulge in a hard-to-find and always sought-after atmosphere. Raise a toast with people dear to you and enjoy it like never before.