Konoba kod Goce i Renata


OPENS AT 10:00

A haven for true anglers and their friends. A restaurant with a large parking lot and an authentic tavern-like interior inside. A place where only fresh fish is eaten, caught on the same day, regardless of the weather conditions. A restaurant that truly keeps the secrets of old anglers and welcomes new generations with open hands. Love for the Danube, quality food, and true friendship make this tavern a special place, ideal for escaping from the crowded city as well as from common daily topics.

While the Pancevo Bridge exists in a state of chronic chaos, below it, here all of your senses will be enjoying themselves. This place promises you more than just a great time. The tavern of Una and Anja also provides everything a child might need to keep on smiling during the time spent there. Little gourmands are a particularly important audience. No matter how picky they are, this restaurant on the river will always offer them the perfect portion they want.

Tranquility in the summer, tranquility in the winter. The specialties created at Konoba kod Goce i Renata are nothing but what you would call perfect. The emphasis is on first-class meals consisting of fish and seafood, equally as important are the guests who are only attuned to what they consider real meat. Barbecue, special meat dishes, attractive salad meals, exotic black risotto, and a rich breakfast. An abundance of quality food is prepared here every day.

Bring your guests from abroad. They will find themselves bewildered by the fact that Belgrade has a paradise on earth, right next to the river. You better believe you will be called the best guide once Karadjordjeva snicla with a fresh salad arrives at the table. For guests who want something delicious and authentic, there is a whole section of the menu called Pikanteria with all the niche dishes. Pasta with chicken in truffle sauce or spicy pasta with shrimp and parmesan is just the beginning of gastronomic magic.

A story set in an interior full of positive energy and amazing looks remains unchallenged. Many of the fine details blend into the colors of nature which guarantees you a pleasant stay. Just like home. The ones nurturing the spirit of the long-gone anglers are big-hearted people. They know that what makes life are the small things in it, good food and homemade wine. They are extraordinary hosts. And they appreciate the time that you put aside for them. But do know, Konoba kod Goce i Renata is a place where you might want to be seen often.

Organization of all kinds of celebrations, a large parking lot at the entrance, a restaurant with a playroom for children, a gala terrace on the river where you can park a boat, scooter, or yacht, a real fireplace for winter days, the famous fish soup and fish stew, varied menu, homemade cakes, a wide range of drinks. Centuries of tradition. In short - this is the right place for you every day.