Kafana pod lozom 78


OPENS AT 10:00

A proper restaurant for what one would call a good meal. This restaurant in Zemun is close even when you are hundreds of kilometers away. A restaurant you come to when you want uncompromised delicious food. Fashion is not followed here. Good food is always in trend. A restaurant where the rules of true gourmands apply. This restaurant will become your second gastronomic house, after the first visit. Forever.

Homemade kulen, homemade and Srem style sausage, pork rind pate, budjola ham, and homemade ham. Sjenica style cheese, cheese in wine, smoked hot cheese and other representatives of white meats are welcome here more than anywhere. If you are the morning type, you need not worry about breakfast. Now you can enjoy old dishes such as popara and cicvara live. Now you too can experience tradition under your palate.

It is a tradition that makes up the majority of the menu. A place where you can try, and fall in love with ancient food are few and far between. Beef tail, tripe, pork hoofs in sauce, beef stew, fish dipped in kaymak, beans with sausage, beef tongue in sauce, prebranac with sausages. The Serbian fine dining you hear about all over the world is available every day right here. If you can't go a day without a really good barbecue, no problem. Everything is available.

The specialties of the house are sweetbread, grilled smoked intestines, ribs, head in tripe, beef cheeks, and goat halloumi cheese. They're prepared for hours. To be eaten in a moment.

Every Tuesday we offer game goulash, game pate, rabbit sausage, rabbit drumstick. Friday is reserved for fish. Fish pate, fish soup, zander, and smoked trout are waiting for their loyal audience.

The deserts are also a rarity. Kadaif, urmasice, poppy, as well as cherry pies, will make you feel magnificent. Representatives from 3 wineries are in charge of wines - Novak, Do Kraja Sveta, and Mali Podrum Gajic. Every bite was taken into account. As well as every sip.

The home atmosphere and warm energy are the recognizable symbols of this restaurant. The magic of simplicity fits perfectly with a menu you can't stop thinking about. Go on then, explore.