Always. Forever. Saran restaurant

Experienced say that whoever does not find salvation in faith will find it in a tavern. This very place, first mentioned in the writings from 1456, is a place where you will find absolutely everything

Wednesday 31st of July 2019

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Restaurants and Belgrade. Seen from the perspective of people who know how to live life, they are almost synonyms. The city's restaurant map is updated regularly. Some reluctantly close their businesses because they simply cannot run it. Others thought that running a restaurant was a piece of cake. You do not have nine lives and time to throw. Maybe yesterday and the day before went the way you did not want. Today is in your hands. Tomorrow, too. One never knows what a new day brings. But it is well known where you should be. Every day.

The centuries-old history of Saran officially began in 1896. Inn, tavern than restaurant. Thus, the period of development of catering facilities was ongoing. Saran was perfect in every period. And people never came just for the food, though it has always been excellent. Changes were inevitable. Those who nostalgically look in direction of ancient times are angry because of modernization. The same wave of changes made the fact that there are as many different wines in the restaurant today as there used to taverns in Belgrade during the period when Saran opened. Almost 160. You have the right to protest, but you have no single reason not to come and refresh with the best labels from Serbia, the region and the whole world.

Saran is a little black dress. Eternal. It is that red lipstick that creates confidence. An eternal string of white pearls that always gets compliments. Comfortable shoes that make the planet small.

It is wrong to long for days gone by. For atmosphere "like once". There are new times. People are different. It is important to keep the tradition. It is essential to remember history. And eternal tastes. So there is no question of what to eat in Saran. More than 100 years, the answer is the same. What your soul wants. If you are a classic, welcome to fish stew. If you are successfully navigating on the waves of the new age, choose specialties of river or sea fish. Exclusively fresh. Always. No, you did not get lost because you love pure meat. There is a selected offer even for you. Such that you will forget about all the other portions of meat you have ever tasted.

You will be assured by the staff at the door that it is not true that this Saran is not what it used to be. Decency, kindness and knowledge, spiced with charm are isolated from everything else, undesirable with mathematical precision. Did you know that guests at the restaurant do not look at the menu? No need, because great waiters know at first sight what you will be delighted with. Don't believe it? Come and check it out.

Everyone has a restaurant that they consider their own. It is the same with Saran. It is everyone's. And yet, completely its own. It will welcome you first class whether you stop by for a drink during the day, a business meeting or a romantic date. You can just as well relax in the garden. You are also welcome during the Lent. Celebrations in Saran are more than happy moments. Gardos is the first witness to everything that has happened and what is happening today. Life does not ask you how you want to live it. So, you do not ask it what to do. Just announce your presence in advance as it is no secret that people enjoy here. With all the senses.

From the little white house on Zemun Quay the road to the prestigious restaurant was a long one. Exciting. Special. Because being a second house to the Zemun Bohemians is not an easy business. Because it is not a business. It is a lifestyle. Prince Djordje Karadjordjevic, Mika Alas, Dr. Jovan Subotic did not spend days and nights here for nothing. Being a Bohemian who lives according to the Danube is a matter of cultural heritage. That is why it is not surprising that the lyrics of the legendary song "Dunav Dunav tiho tece" (Danube Danube runs quietly), which was celebrated by singer Zarko Dancuo, were created in Saran. A song without which the sun in Zemun is not allowed to come up. A song people celebrate and toast with. A song you are about to play and go to Saran right away.