Brkovi band celebrates 20 years

The famous band is celebrating its big anniversary with a spectacular concert in Belgrade

Friday 9th of February 2024

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The popular Balkan punk folk wellness attraction Brkovi is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with a series of concerts in the region, and the biggest independent Belgrade concert so far will be held at Kalemegdan on Saturday, 11th May.

The members of the band Brkovi told their fanstold their fans: "See you, it will be the best ever!" and announced a marathon spectacle and an unusual audio-visual show, carefully directed and produced in accordance with the highest world standards, using the most modern and highest quality production equipment in the region.

This musical venture is a unique opportunity for all fans of the band to attend the biggest and most impressive concert in the band's two decades long career, which will be realized as one of the most demanding multimedia projects in our region, with an original performance presented in a specially designed scenographic concept.

In the two decades of its existence, Brkovi band has released eight studio albums and held countless concerts throughout the Balkans and Europe, and in recent years they have become one of the most sought-after concert attractions in the region. The band, in addition to the great energy it provides to its audience, is also known for its unique style, which they called "PunkFolkWellness", mixing folk music primarily with punk and rock, and occasionally with other musical genres such as metal and reggae.

In their career so far, they have created a series of hits, the most notable of which are "Bolje da sam s frendovima pio rujno vino", "Opasno se drogiram", "Hocu da mi dijete slusa narodnjake", "Seks i droga", "Mala", "Balkan Star", "Hormon srece", "Samo pijan mogu", "Sreco laku noc", "Nisam ja za tebe", "Tolerancija", "A ja cu da pijem", "Vise ni pankeri ne slusaju pank". All these hits have more than 100 million listens on streaming platforms.

A limited number of tickets for Brkovi's big Belgrade concert are on sale at a promotional price of 1,650 dinars for regular tickets and 2,000 dinars for fan pit, online and through the sales networks of DD Tickets and Tickets until 15th February or until stocks last. After these, a new batch of tickets will be released for sale at the next price range, which will change until the day of the concert.