Weekend music program

We say goodbye to May and welcome June with completely different music. Concerts in Belgrade that will not disappoint anybody

Tuesday 30th of May 2023

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Why not turn the noise into a beat? Ignore everything that does not please you and play good music. These are the top 3 suggestions for spending time with the big names of the domestic and international music industry. The long-awaited Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are coming.

The new BitefArtKafe and Kutiman are preparing an unforgettable evening. The great performer is a guest on 31st May from 22:00. Reservations are mandatory as well as enjoying a unique rhythm. The live premiere in this area promises a different, high quality musical approach. Kutiman is a world-renowned musician and singer for whom there are no limits in his creation. Basic inspiration - India, colored with personal stamp and perception - Afrobeat, jazz, guitar, funk. It sounds incredible, but only in the text. It is fascinating when you hear it. Do not miss the special Musicology Sessions concert series.

Amazing pianist Lola Astanova performs in Belgrade. MTS hall, 1st June from 20:00, hurry because her music really cannot wait. The extremely talented, incredibly beautiful, young artist enchants at first sight. With the first notes, she will take you on a far musical journey that you need at this moment.

Kalemegdan is calling. On 2nd June from 21:00, Red Bull SoundClash presents two female singers in a new edition. Lepa Brena and Senidah will show their well-known skills in a new and, according to announcements, hitherto unseen performance. Music and creativity, spectacle and energy.

There will be a lot through seven rounds of "showdown" between two ladies, two divas who are rocking the local scene. It will be interesting to hear how they sing their hits in a new arrangement, and the rotation of singing famous tracks is a treat. Lepa Brena will sing Senidah's hits and vice versa. Jugoslovenka (Yugoslav girl) and Balkanka (Balkan girl) in Belgrade are ready for you at the musical clash of the season.