MTS dvorana (Kombank)

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The Kombank Hall, formerly Dom Sindikata, is a new place of important events in the city center since the ceremonial opening organized on 27th April 2018. A complete adaptation of the entire space, in accordance with the latest technological achievements, brings an innovative visual concept and a whole new experience. The famous place where prestigious domestic and international events took place, now offers the most modern content for organizing various contents.

The modern multi-functional and multimedia space provides all the necessary components for organizing music concerts, various cultural activities, workshops, educational and business events. In addition to its functionality, the Kombank Hall is aesthetically pleasing. The theater, congress and festival hall, along with five cinema halls, VR zone, coffee bar, separate space for children, press center, lounge and jazz bar are the entire content of the innovative space.

Dom Sindikata was ceremoniously opened on 13th June 1957 at the Square of Nikola Pasic. In April 2013, the Government of the Republic of Serbia declared this institution a cultural monument in Belgrade. For many years the space has been used for the base of numerous workers' unions and hence the name implies (the house of trade union). Before the construction of the Sava Center, the FEST took place at the Dom Sindikata.