What to do until the end of February in the city

January seems to have lasted longer than ever. It is known that the shortest month has come. It is completely unknown how people will spend it. Absolutely sure, it will be exciting in the capital

Thursday 8th of February 2024

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February in Belgrade 2024. The second month. First time like this. The city atmosphere is certainly intriguing enough so as not to enter the house. Saint Tryphon will be celebrated. Someone will mark 14th February as Valentine's Day. Some will celebrate everything. At least that many will do absolutely nothing. While buying wine, take at least that last bottle out of the basket. When you choose the very thing that differs from the same offer of teddy bears and rarely used trinkets in red, think about one thing: who really needs a sign of attention from you? Here is the answer.

The best gift for any occasion

The most important members of every society cannot buy themselves what they need. They are still small. Unfortunately, some parents cannot afford even the basic needs. Fortunately, there are good people who made an important decision in 2022.

Aware that there is no way to help the vulnerable through institutions, the idea was created to open the first soup kitchen for babies. You can donate money by paying into the account or buy something or everything from the always up-to-date list. However you can help, you have done an important and great job.

The entertainment that Belgrade offers now

Going to an escape room is always a good idea. However, this is not a very common proposal for hanging out on the second floor of the Rajiceva shopping center. This is an invitation to visit the first cybersecurity escape room in Serbia. Company A1 and partners have created an extremely interesting program that will give you a lot of fun and much-needed knowledge about staying on the Internet.

"Lost Identity" is a form in which important information, creative tasks, puzzles, puzzles and a handful of challenges are intertwined with the aim of helping the main character Petar Petrovic, whose identity was stolen by hackers.

Information that will especially delight you: this is a completely free escape room. You only need to register via the linklink and come at the chosen time. To participate, it is necessary to have 2 to 5 players, quickly think about who from the society is the ideal candidate, adjust your calendars, schedule 50 minutes for the duration of the game and set off on an incredible adventure. A great time for sure.

Non-working days for Sretenje 2024

Since 2006, the Statehood Day of the Republic of Serbia has been celebrated on 15th and 16th February. The fifteenth of February is the date when believers celebrate the Feast of the Holy Encounter. Historically, it is a very important date because in 1804 the First Serbian Uprising took place, and on the same date in 1835, the Sretenjski Constitution, i.e. the first democratic constitution of Serbia, was adopted.

Just then, all eyes are on Misa the bear with the permanent address of the Zoo, and his assessment of the weather forecast is awaited. If he sees his shadow, he will return to the cave, and we will wear winter clothing for at least 6 more weeks. In case Misa takes a nice walk and doesn't see his shadow, get ready for the arrival of spring. Vacation has just begun, enjoy it wherever you are and whatever you are (not) doing.

Romantic dinner for 14th February

Lovers of modern customs are looking forward to a perfect time on Valentine's Day. Trends say that this is not a holiday exclusively for couples in love. Best friends are perfect for a really great party. The choice of the main roles is up to you and the romantic restaurants of Belgrade will do the rest.

Magic from the first moment will write the date 14.2. with special memories. A special, romantic menu and a large selection of wines in an impeccable ambience are prepared extensively. Do not wait for the last minute, start reading right away and find the best restaurant for you that Belgrade offers for this occasion.